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November 25, 2019 1 Comment
My first Social Media profile picture 2012

I don’t really like blogs, never have. As a ‘user’ I don’t find them particularly useful. If Im interested in a bite sized chicken parmesan recipe & click the link, I expect the recipe. I don’t want to read through 5 paragraphs on why chicken parmesan makes you think of your grandmothers house on a Sunday afternoon. But, hey, thats just how I feel.

A lot has changed since I started sharing recipes in 2012. Instagram was new, before the algorithm changed. Before you could buy followers and views and be a fake. Facebook was poppin. People were sharing things they loved or hated or whatever they found interesting. There was so much opportunity for everyone to simply share.

For me, it was recipes. Entertaining was something I loved, and did often. It could be anything from a birthday party to a season finale of a popular show. Didn’t matter to me what the occasion. If it could be celebrated- Id be hosting it! And happily at that.

With these celebrations, besides the company and (lets be honest) alcohol-the most important part was the food. People sure do love to eat. Especially here in north New Jersey where Im from. Its kind of a really big deal. We don’t skimp out on food, ever. Actually, we overdue it if anything.

So, Im having these parties, making the food and pretty much catering for lack of a better word all of my own events. I didn’t think it was that big of deal at all. A lot of girls in my area can cook. And I mean really cook. What I didn’t realize is how many people on the flip side of that cant cook. Not even the basics like a simple tomato sauce. Im not judging, just surprised me at first. Cause for me, its like second nature. I was always curios about what was going on in my Moms kitchen when I was a kid. Anyway, so girls started asking me for recipes. Id jot them down and then I started getting follow up questions. They wanted more information, more details and more visuals. I got kinda tired of giving the same instructions over and over again to different people. I thought to myself, theres gotta be an easier way for me to share these recipes with people. A place where I can write them down with visual aids once and for all. I decided to take advantage of the social medial sites that were booming around me and POW, Al Dente Diva was born .

So heres what- I love sharing what Ive learned with people. Over the years I have collected a following that Im quite proud of. If you are familiar with my style, you know that I always give my recipes right under my content on each of my platforms that allows it. I never make anyone “click the link in my bio” or take any extra steps to get what they want. I need to make it very clear that I will still be doing that. But times they are a changin and to stay in the game, here I am… reluctantly writing my first blog post. Im so grateful for the personal success Ive had with Al Dente Diva. I want to stay as true to my anti-blogger, don’t make people go the extra step for the recipe & tell them useless crap about it attitude. So on the off chance that you do want to hear more about the origins of these recipes or why they’re important to me, subscribe to this site to get alerts when a new blog is up. Crap…..Im sounding like “one of them” already

Al Dente Diva

Hello there! My name is T & I’m a home cook from New Jersey. I love to share easy to make recipes, cooking tips & kitchen hacks with people who love to cook like I do. My recipes are all easy to follow & use ingredients most people are familiar with. Being a busy stay at home mother of two, I have to cook delicious budget friendly meals that are fast to make. I hope you find something helpful here. Thanks for coming by.

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  • 1 Man, 3 Hearts November 26, 2019 at 4:35 am

    Great post! Love the honesty, can’t wait for the next one

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