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I love a good traditional burger but every once & a while it’s nice to switch it up. Pizza burgers are an awesome way to do that. Kinda like the best of both worlds. Pizza & burgers-What’s not to love? Oh & did I mention I served this on a toasted garlic bread bun?

There’s really not much to making the actual burger. Lets just assume that everyone has their own method & take it from there.

You’re going to need:

⚡️Burger Buns, burgers, mozzarella cheese, marinara sauce, pepperoni, butter, garlic powder, salt, pepper & parsley

💥While your burger is almost done to your liking add mozzarella cheese. 💥Let it melt on top then 💥 Add chopped pepperoni 💥In a small bowl mix a little bit of softened butter with garlic powder, salt, pepper & a little bit of parsley 💥Spread some on the inside of the buns 💥Place them butter side down on a grill pan & cook until the butter is melted & the bread is toasted💥 Add a nice spoonful of warmed marinara sauce to the bottom bun-add the burger- more sauce & the top bun.💥Serve 🙌🏼

A few things I want to talk about:

⚡️The chopped pepperoni is key. Again, this is something I always like to do. Better to chop it so every bite has a little pepperoni on it then leave it whole.

⚡️If you have your own sauce then great. If not, there’s no shame in the canned sauce route. There are some great ones out there. Pick your favorite.

⚡️Get creative with toppings. If the idea is a pizza burger then there’s no reason you can add the pizza toppings you love. Peppers, onions, mushrooms-it all works.

⚡️Oh & lastly, I wanted to mention that these burgers are from Wahlburgers. I really liked them & will absolutely be picking some up again.

This is more of an inspirational burger post then an actual recipe. Take the idea & make it to our own. Enjoy!

💜Al Dente Diva

Al Dente Diva

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