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🍅Tuna melts in a tomato have to be one of the cutest little lunch ideas ever. I love making these in the summer time. That’s when Jersey tomatoes are ripe & abundant. Don’t worry, you don’t have to wait until the summer comes around. They are just as delicious in every season, promise 😊.

Making these is easy. Here’s how to do it:

💥Scoop out all the seeds & inside of the tomato💥 Fill it with a few spoonfuls of your favorite Tuna 💥Top with cheese (I used cheddar) 💥Bake at 425° until the cheese is melted & serve 🙌🏼.

⚡️These are great for a crowd if you’re hosting a lunch or brunch. You can assemble everything then just bake them when you’re ready

⚡️This works great with chicken salad, too.

⚡️Sometimes I season the inside of the tomato with a little salt & pepper but that’s up to you.

I hope you like this easy lunch idea & give it a try.

💜 Al Dente Diva

Tara Ippolito

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Tara Ippolito is a self taught home cook from New Jersey and cookbook author of Fast, Simple, Delicious. Better known as “T” across social media, she makes easy to follow recipes using familiar ingredients. T uses her Tik Tok, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Pinterest channels to share recipes and cooking tips for everyday people. Her motivation to share with her followers is simple. To inspire people to cook and become more comfortable in the kitchen.

As a wife and busy mother of two little boys she she’s always cooking fast family friendly meals. Sharing her kitchen with others that want to learn is a true passion of hers. As her social media platforms continue to grow she is committed to delivering consistently delicious content to her followers.

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Hello there! My name is T & I’m a home cook from New Jersey. I love to share easy to make recipes, cooking tips & kitchen hacks with people who love to cook like I do. My recipes are all easy to follow & use ingredients most people are familiar with. Being a busy stay at home mother of two, I have to cook delicious budget friendly meals that are fast to make. I hope you find something helpful here. Thanks for coming by.

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