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The Perfect Omelet Secret Recipe

February 26, 2020 1 Comment

I have the perfect omelet secret recipe to share with you. Once you learn how to do this- you’ll never have trouble with them again.

The Perfect Omelet Secret recipe

From the recipe collection of Al Dente Diva

I worked at a deli when I was 15. Lots of early mornings and long hours. They definitely got their money’s worth out of the new young kid. All the shifts that nobody wanted were given to me. If you came in at 5:00am on the weekends there was a great shot that I’d be greeting you there.

That’s not a complaint by the way. I loved it. Not only did I save enough money to but my silver Camaro when I was 17. Hey, don’t judge me I’m an Italian from Jersey what else would I get. But I also learned so much about all things breakfast.

The people that came in at that time were super hungry. Either they were just finishing their night of partying or just being their day at work.

Either way, they wanted food! Omelets were a big request and I made of ton of them. All different kinds, too.

As a kid who had no experience cooking I’d often mess them up. My omelet would turn into scrambled eggs within seconds and I’d have to do it all over again.

Lucky for me one of my coworkers taught me the perfect omelet secret and it stuck with me for all of these years.

Now it’s my time to pass the perfect omelet secret on.

My secret:

I guess it’s fair to say that there’s big just one secret to making the perfect omelet. The truth is there’s several.

Beat Your Eggs:

Traditionally omelets require three eggs. Take those eggs, crack them into a bowl and beat the crap out of them. That was supposed to be funny but I really mean it.

Mix those together as best as you can. Some people even use a hand mixer to do it. I’m not saying you should. I’m just bringing it up to prove a point.

Your eggs need to be well incorporated.

Grease Your Pan

Please use a good non stick skillet. Even then, add some butter to be sure. You can’t make a bomb omelet if your eggs are sticking to the pan. Half the omelet battle is using a good skillet.

Tilt The Skillet

So I guess this is really the perfect omelet secret. Or the reason that I wrote this blog post at least.

Once your eggs hit the skillet roll them around a little to create a lip. Then leave them alone to cook for a little bit.

After the eggs have begun to firm up Thats when you use a spatula to lift the lip up, tilt the skillet and let the uncooked egg run into the pocket that you’ve just created.

Continue making little pockets and moving the uncooked egg into them until eventually all the egg is cooked.

The Perfect Omelet SECRET

Add the toppings, fold it over and you’ve got a perfect omelet.

If the egg needs some additional cooking just let it cook in it’s sides for a min on each side.

Thank you

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog. I hope you found the information useful. If you like breakfast ideas here’s another one you might like.

💜Al Dente Diva

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