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Have you ever ordered the skillet cookie off a restaurants dessert menu? Well I have & let me just tell you that they’re next level amazing. So listen, you can make your own cookie dough for this if you want. I just like the pre made stuff. It’s good to have on hand for a dessert on the fly. That’s exactly what happened here. I had unexpected company pop in after dinner & I thought it would be nice to make us some dessert. I had cookie dough, ice cream & the memory of a chocolate chip cookie skillet that I had ordered a few weeks earlier at a local steak house. I figured I’d give it a try. The recreation was a total success!!

So if this almost seems too easy, that’s ok. It is too easy! Especially if you’re going the pre made dough route. Serving this in a skillet makes for a great presentation & looks somehow more complicated than it really is. Here’s how to do it…

💥Press a whole package of cookie dough down down into a butter greased skillet (I used cast iron but you can use any oven safe skillet you like)💥Bake at 325° until the center is juuuuust cooked 💥Let it rest for about 10 minutes before adding a healthy scoop of ice cream & serving.

That might have been the easiest recipe to ever be written down but I felt it needed to be shared. Also a few things to think about…

⚡️I’ve seen so many different flavors of this on restaurant dessert menus. So the “chocolate chip cookie” part is really just a suggestion. Use whatever your favorite cookie & ice cream combo is. It all works

⚡️Please don’t over bake it. I can’t stress that enough. The ooey gooey middle is the BEST part. Plus it will continue cooking in the hot skillet for a little bit when you’re letting it cool.

⚡️I didn’t have any but imagine the presentation with some hot fudge, caramel, peanut butter or any kinda sauce drizzled across this thing 😍.

Well that’s it for me. Hope you guys enjoy this one!

💜 Al Dente Diva

Al Dente Diva

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